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8/22/2007 Headlines:

Not very much going on. Thank you for visiting. Life has been keeping us (me) busy with lots of other things. There's still a lot to check out and enjoy here on the site though. At least one big event still coming up this year, check back for updates.

And a shout out to my peeps -- Hey Lisa A., you still checking the site out? Hope you're doing well, drop me a line. Monty, yes, I'm sure we will get together one of these days. And Dave? What's going on? Please send me an e-mail, I don't have your address anymore. Oh, Mark and Josh, hey, hope to see you guys one of these days too!

As always, thanks to everyone we have met over the last eight years, and to those who have written to us with comments and questions. Your enthusiasm and praise is much appreciated. We plan to continue bringing you the best scientific paranormal research without the commercial hype, conjecture, and plain old silliness, and we look forward to hearing from you and continuing to meet you "out in the field". THANK YOU!

Questions or suggestions? Care to join the Haunted Chicago mailing list? Please send us feedback using our new feedback form and let us know how we can be the best scientifically geared paranormal site on the Net. All flames will get a giggle and a trip to the trash.

H.C.P.R.I. Departments

Investigations Click here to learn more about our no-charge paranormal investigative services

Pictures Anomalous photos from our investigations, picture taking tips, examples of hoax images

Experiments Information on experiments that we have conducted during our investigations, new experiment development

Locations Photo documentary of some of the sites that we have investigated, mostly daytime pictures, no anomalies

Equipment List of equipment used on paranormal investigations, how it works, things to watch for, how to get the best results

Research Research on paranormal hypothesis, debunking the myths

FAQs Frequently asked questions about paranormal phenomenon, our investigations and this website

Reports Reports from our investigations

News Information about upcoming investigations, recent findings, etc.

Stories Personal accounts of paranormal activity, law enforcement interest in our quests, your submissions

Members Information on the members of Haunted Chicago

Links Internet links to reputable paranormal investigators and link sites

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