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The purpose of this page is to familiarize you with several Chicago sites that we have visited in past investigations. There are no unexplainable images on this page. All anomalous images on this site can be found on our pictures page. As we continue to obtain more information about these sites, we will continue to post updates.

Archer Woods Cemtery - Chicago, Illinois

Gates - The front gates of Archer Woods Cemetery.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Midlothian, Illinois

Bachelor's grove is a small abandoned cemetery located off of the main road running through South Suburban Cook County's Rubio Wood forest preserve. Just prior to the closure of the road leading to the cemetery, reports began to surface of unusual activity occurring there, possibly connected with the grave desecrations, body dumpings, and other irreverent acts the site has been witness to. Today, the cemetery is considered by many to be among the most haunted in the country, with reports of various sightings and experiences tallying into the hundreds. Some of the experiences of the members of Haunted Chicago include feelings of being cramped or crowded, feelings of being watched or followed, very loud metallic contact noises coming from the chain link fence surrounding the cemetery, as well as various pictures and sightings. Common sights include bright darting lights that can be seen through night vision. A glimpse of a large black dog that quickly disappeared was obtained by Andrew, and a single dog bark was heard by several members at one point that could not have come from any surrounding areas. We have also detected cold spots frequently, areas on 60 F day dropping as low as 12 F.

Map of stones - I can't believe I haven't posted this image until now, map from 1999 of stones in The Grove.

360 Panorama ( 310KB) - Taken from the center of the cemetery starting due North and rotating over 360 clockwise.

New Trail - The new look of the Bachelor's grove trail since it's latest disturbance

Trail - Entrance to the trail leading to Bachelor's Grove cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois

Front Gate - The front gates to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Hageman Stone - Located just inside the front gates of the cemetery

Gathering Place - Stones in the central part of the cemetery

Fulton Stone - Looking Southwest from the curbing

Tear in fence - The tear leading to the pond just North of the cemetery.

Quarry Pond - The pond located just North of the cemetery, adjacent to 143rd street

Barrington Village Cemetery - Barrington Hills, Illinois

This was the site of a recent fact-finding investigation. Look for more information and photos soon.

Biograph Theater - Chicago, Illinois

Marquis - The marquis of the Biograph Theater on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.

Cady Cemetery - Palatine Township, Illinois

Cady Cemetery is located on a small lot near the intersection of Ela and Dundee Roads in Palatine Township, Illinois. Some of the earliest graves date back to the mid 1800s, with dates as recent as the mid 1900s. In many ways Cady is similar to Bachelor's grove. It is set back from the main road by about 50 yards, and is secured with a tall fence with the requisite tear located in the middle of the south border, nearly on the opposite side of the lot from the front gate. There does not appear to have been much if any intentional desecration, yet this cemetery is far from pristine. Many of the slate tombstones have begun angling downward, some having completely toppled. Attempts have been made by unknown caretakers to secure many of the stones in the upright position with aluminum bars, attempts which have largely failed. Near the tear in the fence, someone has gathered a number of broken tombstones together. Seemingly working against the caring hands of those who have labored to retain the cemetery's current condition, moles or some other type of burrowing animals have done considerable damage to the landscape of Cady. There are numerous holes burrowed into the ground, most of them descending directly into graves. There are no known stories or reports of paranormal activity at Cady Cemetery, but the potential for such activity seems to exist. While on an investigation at Cady, unusual magnetic field activity was detected with the EMF meter in the central area. This activity was not highly significant however, and there were no resulting anomalous images on the daytime photographs taken on that investigation.

Front Gates - The locked front gates to Cady cemetery

Stones - Pile of gravestones just inside the tear in the fence on the South border

Leaning Stone - The holes burrowed into the ground have caused many markers to sag

Tall Monument - Typical of some of the old, ornate gravestones at Cady

Burrowed Hole - One of many holes created by some large burrowing creature

Deer Grove Park Cemetery - Inverness, Illinois

Deer Grove Park Cemetery is located less that one half mile North of Cady Cemetery, in Palatine Township, Illinois. The actual name of Deer Grove Park Cemetery is at this time unknown, and so it will be referred to on this website as such until the actual name is determined. This small cemetery is located on a tiny plot of land, on the Northeast corner of Ela and Dundee Roads, directly across from a residential area. Deer Grove Park cemetery is presumably kept up by the same individuals that care for Cady Cemetery. While it is fenced in and bordered by tall trees, the fences themselves are only 4 feet high, and the front gate is of low quality, and usually unlocked. The rear of the lot to the East slopes steeply to the stream that runs behind the cemetery, as as does the North side. Deer Grove Park Cemetery is composed of largely old graves, some dating back to the early 1800s, although it appears to still be used for interment to this day. Deer Grove park is quite a bit smaller than Cady Cemetery, and also holds fewer graves. There are approximately 40 plots at Deer Grove, and most of them are marked with larger, sturdier stones than those at Cady.

North View

South View

The Hill

East View

The Country House Restaurant - Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Country House - The view of Country House from 55th Street

Entrance - The main entrance to the Country House restaurant.

Bar Room - Looking into the bar, where a carpenter in the 1980's saw a female figure

Eastland Disaster Site - Chicago, Illinois

Chicago River - Location shot of where the Eastland disaster ocurred.

Elk Grove Cemetery - Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Elk Grove Cemetery is located on Arlington Heights Road just South of the Northwest Tollway overpass. While it measures only about an acre in size, it is the final resting place for many people from as early as the 1840s, and as recently as the current year. There are no known reports of unusual activity at Elk Grove Cemetery. While it would appear to be an ideal site for investigation, several factors, including bright lights in all directions and nearby expressway noise and commotion, make it less than convenient to investigate.










Frank Nitto Suicide Location

Tracks - The location where Frank Nitto, infamous Chicago Gangster, committed suicide

Graceland Cemetery - Chicago, Illinois

Eternal Silence

Grimes Sisters' Murder Location (German Church Road) - Willowbrook, Illinois

The bodies of Barbara and Patricia Grimes were discovered here January 22, 1957, three weeks after they disappeared from their neighborhood on Chicago's South side. Rumor has it that the sound of a car can be heard at times here, supposedly re-enacting the dumping of the sisters' bodies. This seems unlikely, and we have never received any reports about such an incident.

Street Sign

Jane Addam's Hull House- Chicago, Illinois

The Hull House

Hull House Stairs - Floating hooded figures have been seen and photographed on these stairs.

Maple Lake - Willow Springs, Illinois

Maple Lake is a man-made body of water, located near Willow Springs, Illinois. It is situated in the Maple Lake forest preserve area, near the Calumet Sag Channel and not far off of Archer Avenue. An unexplainable reddish light has been seen across the shores from 95th street turnoffs by many people over the years. This light seems to have single handedly touched off a movement claiming that such "ghost" lights are caused by some sort of paranormal "lantern" held by dead spirits looking for their long decapitated heads. While this story is obviously highly imaginative, there are no real explainations for the light. The motion and location of the light preclude it from being caused by living pranksters. Individuals who have seen the light claim that it is seen floating over the lake, and then traveling to the far shore.

Maple Lake - This photo is of the far shore of Maple Lake, where the mysterious red light can sometimes be seen. It was taken at around 8:00 in the evening, and was a freehand time exposure.

Mount Thabor Cemetery - Crystal Lake, Illinois

Stones - The bright spots in the background are, in order: a stop sign, a light, and a reflector.

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